Affiliate Opportunities

Affiliate Opportunities

Above the Horizon is so much more than just a work from home company. We offer affiliations too! Check them out below.


Shop or Join

Shop or Join


There are so many amazing reasons to join Scentsy — from world-class events to lifelong friendships

Scentsy Shop

Wax & warmers, beautiful gifts & more!

Scentsy Consultant

Become a consultant to

shop, sell, & earn $$

Host a Party with me

Host a party & earn rewards.

Tate & Zoey

We locked arms with Tate + Zoey which is a new company that started in May 2020 with the intentions of sending happy mail out to people We offer gifts for EVERYONE! With T+Z being so new its very unsaturated (just right at 1,000 Brand Affiliates)  this month the starter kit is only $79 (no quotas) We also feel now is the best time to start a gifting boutique, just in time for Christmas shopping.


If this opportunity interests you just let me know and We can throw you a Facebook launch party where you will get the party perks AND the commission off the party sales! My team also has all the content laid out for you to be successful at growing a online gift boutique of your own.



WOW, WOW, WOW!  You know lots of people who are going to buy gifts over the next couple of months.

You could have your own online gift boutique for just $79! 

Tate & Zoey

Home decor, cool gifts & more!

Tate & Zoey
Brand Ambassador

Become an ambassador to shop, sell, & earn $$

"Very Important Gifter"

Click the earn rewards tab & receive your very own link to share & earn product rewards.