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Nothing is Impossible

We are proof of that!!

Above the Horizon (ATH) was created after me having to quit work to stay home for family reasons to be a caregiver. I wanted to work so bad but the struggles of working outside the home with small children was hard. I came across a company called Arise Virtual Solutions, who allowed me and many others to do this. It has been the best thing I have ever done.

     We are a strong Military supporter, Past and Present and we love to help those who are in the same situation as us. My husband is disabled so I am able to be home with him as well, and he loves that. I get my daughter, and now my grandchildren on and off the bus, and never miss a family moment.

     ATH gives you the freedom of choosing your own client, the hours you want to work and even the clothes you want to work in, Of PJ’s !!! Make your move and never miss those special moments.

Meet   The  Team


Rhonda Day
Founder & Co-Director


"Hello! Hi, I am Rhonda, I am a 51-year-old mom, wife, Mimi. I have been working remotely for 4 years now and love that I make my own schedule, and never miss those special moments that I did working brick and mortar 40 hours a week. I also enjoy on the snow days still being able to work, and on the sunny days enjoying being outside. I am able to schedule my career around my life, not like the corporate life. Come join me and my team today & enjoy all the benefits & opportunities that we do !" 

Michigan Representative

"I love the comfort of working at home. Gives me the freedom to pick my own hours and when to take breaks. Fits perfect to my schedule and my family needs."

Louisiana Representative


"I love working from home. It is so convenient when it comes to having kids at home. My favorite part is not having to commute back and forth to work and working in my jammies all day if I choose."

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We are always looking for new agents. If you know someone that you think would be an ideal candidate send us their information and we will reach out to them. 

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