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We are always looking for new agents. If you know someone that you think would be an ideal candidate send us their information and we will reach out to them. 


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What to Expect As An Agent 


Assisting new or existing patients in a friendly courteous manner when processing requests for consultations with physicians.

Assisting patients to reset their login/passwords, troubleshoot their profile and mobile app and if need be, escalate to create a ticket in Salesforce for the client.

Making callbacks using the outbound procedure when required by the client or patient as a follow-up.

Agents will need to be very familiar with HIPAA and other applicable healthcare laws and regulations. The client requires completion of certain healthcare modules each year in order to remain on the program

Registering new patients on the client service through the patient’s affiliation or organization


Capabilities of Top Performing Agents for this Program

Deliver fluent written and verbal English

Patience, empathy, a unique ability to manage stress, the ability to work under pressure and adapt to adverse situations

Skill and efficiency in writing and verbal communication

Knowledgeable, friendly and eloquent customer service

Showcasing expert sales techniques and ability to overcome customer objection



Equipment Requirements  

PC Requirements:

Dual-core 2.8 GHz or better or Intel " i " class or AMD Phenom X2 class or better.
64 GB total Hard Drive or higher. 

4 GB of RAM or better

USB VoIP Headset.

Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or Windows 10

Hard-wired connection (no wireless) Minimum 10 Mbps download / Minimum 3 Mbps upload 


MAC Requirements: 

Macs must have an Ethernet port

Mac Book Air and Mac USB-C ports will not be supported

Boot Camp and a licensed version of Windows (Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10) MUST be installed. 

**Please note that Arise Technical Support WILL NOT be able to provide assistance with the installation of Boot Camp and/or Windows or any questions related to it.**

64 GB total Hard Drive or higher.

4 GB of RAM or better Hard-wired connection (no wireless) Minimum 10 Mbps download / Minimum 3 Mbps upload 


**Any other equipment needed will be advised of upon enrollment** 

Available Hours

7 days a week

365 days

8:00 AM EST 11: 00 PM EST


Client requests agents service 20 hours per week, (3 hours) required on a Saturday or Sunday or a combination of both. 

Starting Pay: $11.50 per hour